Meet Our Brand Ambassadors!

To be a brand ambassador for Vintagesoal, you must first love our products and believe we will present to you the highest quality, most modern technologies and techniques to bring you clothing and accessories for the entire family. We take great pride in our work, but ultimately it’s our customers and clients that make the magic happen! You must secondly make your experience with us your mission.  People would rather hear your praise and reviews than anything we have to say.  Thirdly, become acquainted with the merchandise t so you can help answer customer questions.  We will teach you!  Lastly, pick one strength you have to make us more marketable and share your knowledge/effort.  

Are you a great photographer? Are you good at sharing on social media? Are you good at styling outfits and accessorizing? Are you good at engagement and interaction?  Are you good at writing descriptions and proofreading listings? Are you good at growing and identifying target audiences? Would you be willing to work lives?

Compensation will be based on commitment but will include:

  • 1 shirt in your size per month or your child’s size
  • 10% referral code for your friends which will result in 1 free tee after 10 referral codes used.
  • Free shipping on personal orders
  • Involvement in choosing some inventory. 
  • perks from us to be determined

Other compensation based on a case-by-case level of commitment.

To be considered for an ambassador, please send a “resume” basically telling us how you could be beneficial and when you would be available tp perform these activities from your home our our shop studio.  Pics representative of photography style a bonus!